Wireless Door Sensor Chime 280M Range Door


There are 5 Modes
1. Welcome Mode: 5 language of "Welcome", suitable for shops, stores, restaurants, supermarkets...
2. Doorbell Mode: door open chime, 36 selectable chimes tunes for your choice
3. Alarm Mode: up to 113 dB alarm, effectively help to deter the intruder, wake or alert you if at home and possibly alert neighbors
4. Colorful Light Mode: no sound, 4 colors for your choice, suitable for quiet environment
5. Night Light Mode: Can be floodlight, when the magnetic sensor activated, the receiver automatically turn on the light, with 4 adjustable levels brightness


1. Operating Range: Up to 918ft
2. Chime Tunes: 36 Selectable Chimes
3. Volume : 4 Volume Levels from 113dB to 25dB.
4. LED Flashing Light: With 4 colors LED light, Color/Red/Blue/Green, 4 levels adjustable brightness
5. Mode: Welcome/Doorbell/Alarm/Colorful light/Night Light Mode
6. Available for pairing, extendable up to 32 magnetic sensor/vibration sensor/PIR motion
7. Great for business/office/store/garage/apartment/home security, kids safety, shop door entry chime

Package Content:

1 set x Door Alarm  

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