Unique Modern Led Ceiling Lights For Living Room Decoration

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Usage guide of the motion sensor ceiling light

1. The motion sensor lamp must be installed vertically, it can work well.
2. When you start the motion sensor bulb, it will turn on 5 minutes first time, it is normal.
3. When you in sensor range, it works about 25-30 seconds.
4. After 30 seconds, if you not move,the lamp not work.
5.Too bright or in the day,the lamp not work.
6.Only works in dark environment or at night.



Voltage:AC180-265V(no sensor), AC85-265V (with sensor)
Led chip:SMD2835
Material:PC+ ABS
CRI: about 80
Luminous efficiency : about 95
Warranty:1 Year
Sensor range:3-5M (with sensor type)
Delay time :30-45S (with sensor type)


1.Simpler design. Modern lamp for living room lighting
2.Thinner- 35mm thicknees, ultra thin .Saving your space.
3.Easy to install. Only two steps to completed the installtion
4.Very convenient.The base and the lamp body are separated and designed, the replacement is convenient

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