4D floating shaver


Brand: ZOZEN
Model: RQ1280
color: blue
Display: with charging indicator
Charging method: home charging / usb charging
Shaving method: wet and dry
Cleansing: body wash
Blade: Automatic grinding type
Applicable voltage: global voltage (100 ~ 240V)
Maximum power: 3W
Standby power consumption: <0.1W
Packaging accessories: shaver, cleaning brush, dust cover,
usb charging cable, instruction manual, warranty card
Optional accessories: cleansing brush, nose hair clip, hair clipper

Standard = [USB standard] single function only shaving

Standard set = standard + nose hair device + corner device + face washer

3TT802398-11 3TT802398-12 3TT802398-13 3TT802398-9 3TT802398-14 3TT802398-8 3TT802398-7 3TT802398-10 3TT802398-3

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